• Priestess Payzly Paine

ProDomme and ProCrastinator

I have tried many times to put together a blog. In fact I’ve made many attempts and produced, well, nothing. So far. I won’t tell you exactly “how many” attempts I’ve made, over “how many” years because that would be downright embarrassing. Not exactly sure what the hang up has been. It’s not like I am shy, not in the least. In fact I am mostly out-going. I love to share My experience, My thoughts, and My ideas with others (hence the desire to blog).

Honestly, the reason it has taken Me so long to get My blog started, boils down to just one thing, getting started. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to overthink some things, all things. Wanting the page to look just so, and changing My mind about what I am going to say, editing, and re-editing. Before I know it hours have passed and I am no closer to putting out a post then I was when I started.

So this time I am taking a different approach altogether. I’m not going to “pet the sweaty”. Instead I am going to just type what comes to mind. More importantly I am going to actually post what I write. Wish Me luck…

Here’s where, I should probably introduce Myself: Hello, I am the Priestess Payzly Paine. I am a Dominatrix living in Las Vegas, NV. I consider Myself a benevolent, intellectual, independent