the Priestess Says...

I am the Priestess Payzly Paine, an independent and well reviewed local Las Vegas Dominatrix.  I offer a tantalizing, unconventional experience for men & women who seek more than the usual, run-of-the-mill BDSM encounter.


I consider Myself a benevolent, intellectual woman.  I am out-going, genuine, and good-natured with a keen sense of humor.  I am articulate and personable, single, mature, and I am comfortable in most social situations.

For Me Domination comes natural.  Even in My youth, the idea of pain and bondage in a sexual situation captivated Me.  If you combine that with a tenacious personality, an inherent ability to understand the thoughts and emotions of others, extremely kinky and sadistic tendencies, what you have is the makings of a Domme.  


Still there was a great deal to learn,.  There is a skill set that one must obtain to become a proficient Mistress and furthermore she must possess a certain innate knowledge that cannot be learned.  She must have the confidence and ability to guide her submissive to a place where inhibition does not interfere with carnal inclinations and the expertise to safely bring him/her there.  A professional Dominatrix for nearly 15 years now, I am seasoned and skilled, with a commanding, sexy, intuitive style like no other. 


BDSM is more than an occupation for Me, it is My absolute passion.  Combining the psychological and physical aspects of sexual Domination and submission, I will seduce and control you for My pleasure.  My goal is to awaken your senses, expanded your sexual awareness, and to eliminate inhibitions.  Bondage, discipline, sensory deprivation, hypnotism are just a few of the many methods I use.  I am an expert at these techniques.


I believe there is an artistry to BDSM.  This is evident in the manner in which I take control, the provocative look in My eyes, and the stern and sexy tone of voice.  My sadistic side enjoys blurring the lines between pleasure and pain. While My benevolence will guide and inspire you to let go of inhibition and to embrace your submissive nature.


I enjoy and I am experienced in slave-training, bondage, Strap-on(Pegging), Hypnotism, Feminization, Sensory Deprivation, Tease & Denial, CBT, Age-play, Body & Foot Worship, A/B & Diaper Discipline, Impact Play, Water Sports, Medical Play, Electro-Stim, Sounding, Humiliation, and most all other Femdom activities. 


My personal favorites are Bondage and Strap-on sessions.  I love forced scenarios (consensual only.).  But what turns Me on the most is pushing.  Pushing you to the edge, just to bring you back, again and again, until you are too spent to resist any longer,.  Even the most resistant submissive will soon acquiesce to My every depraved notion.  As the energy begins to flow between us, Me to you, you to Me, back and forth, a powerful and meaningful exchange of power is created, and serving Me will become your fondest desire.


Another of My favorite sessions is Feminization, Forced-bi, and all areas of CrossDressing and Transformation.  Check out My Sissy School page.

Actually, My experience is vast and I get a great deal of enjoyment out of nearly all fetishes and fantasy role play.  


When you are ready.  When  you desire something different, something hotter, more erotic, call Me.   

the Priestess Payzly Paine  702-465-1886.  Las Vegas’ Dominatrix

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