Scheduling a Session

with Las Vegas Dominatrix

Priestess Payzly Paine

To schedule a BDSM or FemDom session you will need to call Me personally.   I do not schedule via text or email unless I know you and we have had a session before.  Even if you have filled out a contact form online requesting a session you will still need to call Me before I will put you on the calendar.  I do not accept blocked calls.   I always require a minimum of 2 hours prior notice.   

I am willing to schedule a session for anytime day and night if I am available but I ask that you be ready when you do call Me.  In other words you should have a date and time in mind prior to calling.   Also, be aware that a good faith deposit is required at the time of scheduling.  I use PayPal to process deposit payments so that it is safe and secure for both of us.  

I am always happy to answer any "general" questions on the phone.  However, I will not speak in detail about what goes on during a session via text, phone, or email, prior to receiving your deposit.  

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

the Priestess Payzly Paine